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Dear NOLA, Thank you #Katrina10

August 29th, 2015 in News

Dear NOLA, Thank you.

They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.
– Mexican Proverb

Ten years ago today, marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. With massive flooding from the failure of our city’s levees unleashed what would become the worst “natural disaster” of our time on US soil. Over 1,500 of our neighbors died during or after the floodwater took the city.

I started writing this article a few weeks ago and never finished. I stopped and started maybe half a dozen times as I deleted and back spaced my words out of existence. Nothing I typed seemed to give justice to what I felt. Not then and still not now.

There is no doubt that Katrina was life changing to everyone in New Orleans and across the Gulf region. There is also no doubt how the events that took shape in the aftermath of the storm would forever change our lives and leave a mark on the world.


August 29th, 2015 in News

Reblog from Inc Magazine

Forget motivation. Stop demotivating.

by Sevetri Wilson, CEO of Solid Ground Innovations

I am a very “straight to the point” person, and I’ve learned the hard way that this can really hurt morale.

Constant criticism, without an environment that praises great work, leads to employees becoming demotivated because they feel like they can never be ‘good enough.’ In a study that surveyed 1.2 million employees at primarily Fortune 1000 companies, they found that employees often don’t need motivation. It is constant critique without recognition that causes them to be demotivated.

When I give constructive criticism, I always emphasize that I believe in the person and their work. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have hired them. I make it a point to let my team members know that I’m fully aware of their capabilities, and I won’t accept anything less. I try to transform the conversation’s energy into something constructive by reminding them of what I loved about their other more successful projects and work. Whether that’s creativity, attention to detail, or content, it’s important to get people to dig deep down and pull out the work that made me hire them in the first place.

Entrepreneur Magazine: 10 Leaders Share the Habits That Help Them Be Freakishly Productive

August 29th, 2015 in News

Reblobbed from Entrepreneur Magazine

contribution by Sevetri M Wilson

Similar to Bill Gates, I focus more on my calendar for managing my priorities than my to-do list.

I time block my entire day hour by-hour on my calendar. Most people make the mistake of only time blocking their meetings and phone calls. I also time block my planning, time off, key daily priorities, emails that need longer replies and social media (so it doesn’t creep in other times).

Time blocking works best if you don’t allow the constant barrage of daily interruptions to ruin it. Studies show that the drop in one’s productivity is especially drastic if you’re doing complex tasks. So I let my team members know not to interrupt me by closing my office door, and I have my assistant answer unscheduled phone calls.

— Sevetri Wilson, CEO of Solid Ground Innovations